clones impersonating clones

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I am going to hear you confess before you die.

got s4 challenge | favourite minor character ↣ Oberyn Martell

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Love is fly, I’ve flown my beaches with lover’s side.

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I just love stories and story telling. I think prepping to play a real person is much different from playing a fictional character and so far you feel a responsibility towards whom the real historical character was, but your text is your bible. Your writer is your authority. So, know your history, but know that you are not making a historical documentary, you’re making a piece of drama. - Natalie Dormer

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No man dared tread on him.

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Do you want to be a Queen?

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Went for a walk. Ran into this guy.
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get to know me meme:  [2/5] current celebrity crushes

Pedro Pascal:  “I have the cliche ‘struggling actor’ story. I was waiting tables in New York, went out to L.A. soon after graduation to get some jobs, but it didn’t work out. I wanted to cut my teeth in professional theater, so I came back to New York. It made my journey a longer one, but I really wanted to excel in the theater.

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